Registration guideline

 | Post date: 2014/02/25 | 

ICERS has four membership categories:  

Full Membership:

According to the provisions of ICerS, the founders of the association and everybody with minimum M.Eng. or M.Sc. degree can be an full member.

Associate Membership:

Everybody who has B.Eng., B.Sc. or diploma in mathematics and physics and also people who have worked in ceramic industry for more than 5 years can register for this kind of membership.

Student Membership:

All students who are studying in scientific or engineering fields can be the student member of ICerS.

Organizational Membership:

This method of registration includes all companies related to ceramic industry.

  Annual Payment

  Associate/Affiliate members

  Student Members

  Organizational Members







  *In order to benefit from all services of the ICerS, please fill the Persian format of registration form, if your nationality is Iran.

  *The best way for those who have relatives in Iran is using debit cards of Iranian banks.

  **At the moment, if none of above-mentioned categories explain your situation, please send us an E-mail.